Performers, Comedians, Musicians, Artists, Creatives!

Are you inspired by the idea of having your own unique merchandise, created for you by a fellow creative artist?

And/or have you flirted with the idea of creating your own merch before but:

  • Didn’t really connect with the “insert-logo-here” options available?
  • Balked when you saw the minimum order size?
  • Just put it in the too hard basket?

My name is Jon. I have the great fortune of being married to a comedian (and yes, she told me to write that) which is why I originally started experimenting with creating fun merch ideas.

I recently had the huge pleasure of creating a series of earrings for Tim Ferguson as part of his AWT Collection of merchandise – you can go check it out yourself in his online store at Serious Comedy – and I am excited to say after quickly selling out of the first run I’m about to start work on the next!

Things to Know:

I use a range of materials, from wood – including Australian jarrah or walnut – to glittering acrylic and more.

I specialise in small runs of distinctive, custom design merch; this means you don’t have to worry about having to order 500 items that will anger your inner Marie Kondo and your outer Barefoot Investor.

Pricing for small items such as earrings, brooches, badges and keyrings range from $5 to $15 per unit, depending on batch size, materials and complexity.

My favourite thing is working with other creative people to make their ideas a reality. If you have an idea, even if you have no clue how it would possibly work, please do get in touch. Working out the creative puzzle is my happy place!

Drop me a line here: