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Nishimura Kiyoshi is the proud owner of Three Trees Gyoza, with its hand crafted kumiko panelling and brightly geometric paintings on every wall.

He has tried – he tells me, in his soft spoken, self effacing tone – to combine traditional techniques with a modern Australian twist. A necessity when the original Japanese ingredients are hard to come by.

In this modern multicultural Australia, he says that he is still often asked where he is from. Gympie, is his simple reply. Some people push the question, “No, where are you really from? Where did your parents come from?”

Ah, he replies. I see what you mean. They came from Wagga-Wagga, he reveals, but asks that people don’t spread it around that he comes from New South Wales. Immigrants are given a hard time when the State of Origin matches are played.

Dimensions of this piece are approximately 200mm tall by 200mm wide

Constructed from marine ply, wood veneers, acrylic, paper and upcycled cardboard, measuring 200 x 200 x 20mm. Laser cut and etched, then hand finished with acrylics. This piece is inspired by traditional Japanese style Kumiko woodworking panels.