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Production Design, Props and Sets

Jon M Wilson

My name is Jon M Wilson.

I have a passion for creating things to bring entertainment to life: set pieces, props, costumes, jewellery, accessories, signage, merchandise for entertainers and more.

If you have a concept, my superpower is taking the idea and turning it sideways, upside down and back again. I work closely with you to create things that neither of us would have thought of otherwise.

I absolutely love the creative process of taking ideas, stretching them and delighting in what can be made from them. With 24×7 access to a powerful laser cutter and home studio, I rapidly prototype a develop designs to bring them to their final form.

I am always open to further opportunities to work in film, television and stage in Production Design and Art Department roles.

Here are some samples of things I’ve worked on recently in art department, set design and production design roles:

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