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I’m Jon. 

I help small businesses, artists and creative entrepreneurs to create hand-made customised merchandise and products that creatively reflect their unique brand.

My creations are perfect for you if:

  • You are put off by the stereotypical cookie-cutter merch options out there;
  • You can’t justify ordering the minimum quantities (which don’t feel so minimal to you!) that larger companies require;
  • You want something tailor-made, hand-made and utterly unique that stands out from more traditional merch offerings;
  • You have some wild creative ideas about what you’d love to do in an ideal world, but not the foggiest idea of where to begin. 

My happy place is building on other people’s dreams and ideas – brainstorming, fleshing out what might be possible and then seeing people’s faces light up when they see the idea come to life. 

So whether you’re raring to go with a fully-formed idea, or if you just know you’d like to do something (but you’re not sure what), please book an obligation-free discovery call.

I’d love to chat and get excited together about what possibilities await! Click the button, and organise a 30 minute obligation free discovery session, and let’s see what we can come up with.

Book a Discovery Call

Artist Merch

Mum on a Bum

Forget Elf on a Shelf – here’s Mum on a Bum… This festive season, give your household a true xmas miracle: a mother sitting on her arse doing sweet FA. Surprise the kids each day with a new exciting development! Will Mum on a Bum greet them chilling out in the freezer? Will Mum on a Bum pop up… Read More »Mum on a Bum

Art Department

Minjerribah Wedding Lasercut signage

Minjerribah Wedding

Cake topper, beach signage and aisle runner for a Minjerribah beach wedding.


TEDx Brisbane – Improvised TEDx presentation

Custom earrings for the finale of TEDx Brisbane 2022 – an improvised TEDx style presentation by Jenny Wynter.