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Hi! My name is Jon. Originally inspired by my partner Jen’s insatiable desire for outside-of-the-box, fun and playful earrings that make a real statement, I began to play around with designs, purely for fun.

Almost right away, she began getting comments and questions from friends, colleagues and even strangers on the street! I decided to experiment further. I played with different ideas and started getting inspiration from other people and making my first custom orders.

I am enamored with the process of taking an abstract idea or element, and twisting, combining or altering it. Turning it into something new, something different, something… Quirkish.

New Quirkish designs are added to the collection on a weekly basis; I am completely addicted to creating and imagining and recreating and reimagining..

It’s incredibly fun to make these and make them available to you; if I can pry them away from my partner and her sister’s addicted earlobes!

Join the Quirkish Earring of the Month Club

Are You:

…always spending way too much money on accessories?

…into the idea of a fun earring surprise each month in your mailbox?

…finding it impossible to decide which Quirkish Designs you’d most like to add to your collection?

Then the Quirkish Earring of the Month Club is for you!

“I got my first Quirkish Club package and love the two sets of earrings! So fun to get a wonderful surprise like this in the mail!” – N, Quirkish Club Member

How It Works:

You join up and we send you a fresh pair of surprise Quirkish Designs ear-rings straight to your door! That’s it!

You have three choices to sign up for:

  1. Quirkish Lovers Club – AU$19.95 per month gets you 1 Mystery Earrings Set Per Month
  2. Quirkish Addicts Club – AU$29.95 per month gets you 2 Different Mystery Earrings Sets Per Month
  3. Quirkish I Need Serious Help Club – AU$39.95 per month gets you 3 Different Mystery Earrings Sets Per Month plus a special something bonus. This might be a brooch, a lapel pin…or whatever else strikes my imagination that month!

Due to this being a very small operation this end, I do only have limited places available. As such, I’m taking expressions of interest; new places will be opened up each month. Sign up for my mailing list and I’ll let you know when a place is available. It’s as simple as that.

Postage is included, subscriptions are handled securely by PayPal, and there is no minimum subscription period, although naturally I’d love you to stick around for as long as possible!

Note: If you need more than 3 sets of ear-rings per month, please see a doctor. And please let me know who you find so I can refer my partner and her sister.

Other Benefits:

  • you will receive designs that are exclusively available to Quirkish Earring of the Month Club Members;
  • occasional bonus surprise gifts; and
  • access to new Quirkish designs before they go on sale to non-members.

What’s not to love?

Custom Work

If anything in any of the Quirkish collections catches your eye, but it isn’t quite right…

You’d like it to be bigger or smaller, longer or shorter…

You’d like it wider or thinner, more curvy or more square…

You prefer it more bright, more shiny, more glittery or more sparkly…

You wish it were a triangle and not a diamond…

You wish it were translucent purple instead of engraved wood…

get in touch and give me a try. Anything is possible.

One of my favourite things is to take your sketches and concepts, thoughts and ideas and turn them into something new, something magical, something utterly Quirkish.

If you’re an avid lover of the Quirkish and commitment doesn’t scare you, why not join the Quirkish Designs Earring of the Month Club?

Not Jewellery

Not Jewellery?

If you’re interested in something that isn’t jewellery, let me know what you want, and I’ll see what I can do. Let the fun begin!

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