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Just for Fun

Some things just need to exist.

They call themselves into existence because there is a space for them in the universe that cannot be filled by anything else.

Sometimes they exist to demonstrate the truth of the phrase “Be careful what you wish for…”

Sometimes there is a back story. Sometimes there isn’t. Sometimes the back story is too convoluted to explain. Sometimes the back story grows and grows.

Mum on a Bum

Forget Elf on a Shelf – here’s Mum on a Bum… This festive season, give your household a true xmas miracle: a mother sitting on her arse doing sweet FA. Surprise the kids each day with a new exciting development! Will Mum on a Bum greet them chilling out in the freezer? Will Mum on a Bum pop up… Read More »Mum on a Bum

Crystal Lamp

Crystal Wood Lamp

Crystal Wood Lamp Quartz crystals mounted on smoothed and shaped firewood with fairy lights.

Dapper Dog

Hunting Trophy: Dapper Dog

Hunting Trophy: Dapper Dog Another hunting trophy from Ferny Grove Market – a dog no longer capable of dancing, taxidermied and mounted.

Washroom Coppers

Faux copper sheeting on the walls of a teal storage case, backed by laser cut washing-line details.

Walnut cubes

Walnut Cubes

Featherlight cubes of walnut ply – 1mm thick, and cutaway until very little remains.

Saxophone Bookends

Saxophone Bookends

Laser cut plywood and acrylic.



First experiment in a long, long spiral. 3mm Pine plywood cut with a single movement into a 3mm x 3mm spiralised strip.

City Skyline

City Skylines

City skylines to commemorate the world tour – London, Paris, New York.

Hanging tea-light holder (special commission)

Hanging Tea Light Lantern

A laser cut hanging tea light lantern made to specifically hold what I remember to be a pesto jar. Or possibly pasta sauce.

Leather and Walnut

Lasercut leather and walnut earring experiments.

Mini Walkman

Walkman Earrings

Miniature representations of the Sony Walkman in 3mm black acrylic. These were a proof of concept version to check just how small it could be before the details would star to be lost. This size worked.

Green Angler - Ferny Grove Markets

Hunting Trophy Collection

Hunting Trophy Collection Upcycled hunting trophies mounted on wooden plaques. The trophies themselves are gathered from markets, op shops and garage sales, with plaques either recycled from Reverse Garbage in Brisbane, or made to fit.

Unkillable houseplants #2 - Cactus with Vulture (experimental piece)

Unkillable Cactus #2

Translucent acrylic cactus with perching bird designed to fit into a plastic tumbler from a well known housewares and furniture store.

Chocolate box

Life is like a box of chocolates

Custom designed and constructed box for holding a limited quantity of M&Ms, Skittles or alternative hard shelled candy or chocolates.

Customised Marshmallows

Can you laser etch marshmallows?

33 layer fruit bowl (special commission)

Circular Fruit Bowl

Too many layers. Too many circles. A project I learned something from…

Star Shaped Fruit Bowl

Twelve sided star shaped fruit bowl

Double layered laser cut stars formed into a fruit bowl. This one is twelve sided. Other variations were deliberately prime numbers for the points.

The last fire of winter