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About Quirkish Designs

Originally inspired by my wife Jen‘s insatiable desire for out-of-the-box, fun and playful earrings that make a real statement, I began to play around with designs, purely for fun.

Almost right away, she began getting comments and questions from friends, colleagues and even strangers on the street! I decided to experiment further, playing with different ideas and started getting inspiration from other people and making my first custom orders.

I am enamored with the process of taking an abstract idea or element, and twisting, combining or altering it into something new, something different, something… Quirkish.

New Quirkish projects are added regularly – as I am completely addicted to creating and imagining and recreating and reimagining… it’s incredibly fun to make these and make them available to you.

If anything in any of the Quirkish collections catches your eye, but it isn’t quite right…

You’d like it to be bigger or smaller, longer or shorter… You’d like it wider or thinner, more curvy or more square… You prefer it more bright, more shiny, more glittery or more sparkly… You wish it were a triangle and not a diamond… You wish it were translucent purple instead of engraved wood… …get in touch and give me a try. Anything is possible.

One of my favourite things is to take your sketches and concepts, thoughts and ideas and turn them into something new, something magical, something utterly Quirkish.

If you have a creative project or idea that you’d like to explore, please, please get in touch – I’m always more than willing to discuss, ideate, formulate and extrapolate options and opportunities with you. If I can’t help you bring your ideas to fruition, I may be able to put you in touch with someone who can, or be able to give you ideas to explore instead.

If you’re interested in something that isn’t jewellery, let me know what you want, and I’ll see what I can do. Let the fun begin!