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Artist Merch

Are you inspired by the idea of having your own unique merchandise, created for you by a fellow creative artist?

And/or have you flirted with the idea of creating your own merch before but:

  • Didn’t really connect with the “insert-logo-here” options available?
  • Balked when you saw the minimum order size?
  • Just put it in the too hard basket?

My name is Jon. I have the great fortune of being married to a comedian (and yes, she told me to write that) which is why I originally started experimenting with creating fun merch ideas.

I recently had the huge pleasure of creating a series of earrings for Tim Ferguson as part of his AWT Collection of merchandise – you can go check it out yourself in his online store at Serious Comedy!

Things to Know:

I use a range of materials, from wood – including Australian jarrah, eucalypt or walnut – to glittering acrylic and more.

I specialise in small runs of distinctive, custom design merch. This means you don’t have to worry about having to order 500 identical items that will anger your inner Marie Kondo and your outer Barefoot Investor.

Pricing for small items such as bookmarks, earrings, brooches, badges and keyrings depends on batch size, materials and complexity. But it is probably less than you expect. The sweet spot is around the 50 unit mark.

My favourite thing is working with other creative people to make their ideas a reality. If you have an idea, even if you have no clue how it would possibly work, please do get in touch. Working out the creative puzzle is my happy place!

If you’re looking to test the market with a small first batch of designs, we can discuss a consignment or sale-or-return arrangement. This means you only pay for what you sell without risking filling your garage with left over merchandise.

Mum on a Bum

Forget Elf on a Shelf – here’s Mum on a Bum… This festive season, give your household a true xmas miracle: a mother sitting on her arse doing sweet FA. Surprise the kids each day with a new exciting development! Will Mum on a Bum greet them chilling out in the freezer? Will Mum on a Bum pop up… Read More »Mum on a Bum

Gran Slam Earrings

Custom earrings for Jenny Wynter – MCing the Gran Slam

Gran Slam Blue Berry Badges

Blueberry clusters as pin badges for the Gran Slam winners.

Ausmumpreneur 2022

2022 Award Pins

Silver and Sahara lapel pins for the Ausmumpreneur Conference 2022.

Salty Sirens Merch Stand

Salty Sirens Earrings

Merchandise in the form of earrings and brooches in pine and acrylic for the Salty Sirens Shanty Club at Metro Arts in 2022 and all ports beyond.

Sample earrings for Bev Killick

Bev Killick Cartoon Earrings

Sample earrings made for actress and comedian Bev Killick.

Unofficial Reuben Kaye Merch

Strictly unofficial Reuben Kaye merchandise for Reuben Kaye‘s “Kaye Hole” at QPAC. Layered acrylic on a ribbon pin. Given to Reuben Kaye after the show.

Fully Made Up Merch for Anywhere Theatre Festival

Fully Made Up – Anywhere Theatre Festival

Promotional keyrings for Jenny Wynter‘s show “Fully Made Up” at the Anywhere Theatre Festival made from hand painted, laser etched acrylic.

Ausmumpreneur Earrings

Awards Conference 2021

Custom sample earrings worn by the MC at the Ausmumpreneur Conference in 2021 at Twin Waters, based on the Ausmumpreneur logo.

Leotard Earring

debase Theatre: Leotard, Boyle and Waters

Exclusive themed merchandise for Boyle and Waters show “Leotard” when it returned to the stage at Metro Arts, Brisbane in December 2021, and toured Queensland in 2022.

Sandman and Flacco

Sandman and Flacco are touring in 2019-20: designs for engraved merchandise including wine glasses and cheese boards.

Women in Voice 2019

Costuming and accessories for the cast.

Viking Mama, Judith Wright Centre

All costuming and sets; additional scenery for public photography in the foyer; event merchandise (magnets, art prints);

Tim Awt Earrings - Cyclopes - Red and Jarrah

Tim Ferguson: Tim’s Awt

Earring and accessory collection for Tim Ferguson; designs interpreted and adapted from original art pieces by Tim Ferguson into acrylic and Australian hardwood combinations;