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An installation of miniature doors, windows and building frontages in site specific installations with a strong connection to place, and a light sense of humour that provide a distinctive, unique interaction with the community.

Installations can be indoors, outdoors or a combination of the two. They form a related collection of individual pieces, or an episodic trail that guides visitors through a linear – or non-linear – narrative through time, place and experience.

By imbuing a location with a sense of hidden magic and urban whimsy, the interaction with space can be expanded and enhanced.

Visitors approach with curiosity and a sense of exploration, encouraging them to engage with the spaces more broadly. This can help to activate locations that might otherwise be overlooked or under used by adding elements to be discovered.

The act of seeking out the unexpected provides an opportunity for visitors to look more closely at the structure and fabric of the existing location, bringing forgotten details to their attention.

Drop Box in situ, temporary installation
After Hours Drop Box in situ, Temporary Installation Ferny Hills QLD

Installations use QR Codes to connect visitors with multi-modal content relating to the installation giving an immersive sense of the location. This includes video presentations, audio descriptions, narratives, photo galleries or ambient soundscapes.

The content provides a factual connection to the place, or a connection to an imagined past, incorporating real events and underlying narratives.

Real stories can be used as the basis for the stories, combined with fictionalised elements, allowing individual experiences to highlight broader themes and events.

Custom interior installation, Brisbane consisting of a multi-storey commercial building inspired by the Flat Iron Building in New York. (100mm x 1050mm)

To find out more about how I can work with you to bring a touch of magic and urban whimsy to your gallery, museum or public space, please get in touch – the possibilities are endless.

I want to create an authenticity to the interaction with the object that has nothing to do with whether the object is real

Jon M Wilson

I look forward to working with you to activate your spaces and bring wonder to your visitors.