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Jon M Wilson

My name is Jon M Wilson.

I have a passion for creating things to bring entertainment to life: set pieces, props, costumes, jewellery, accessories, signage, merchandise for entertainers and more.

If you have a concept, my superpower is taking the idea and turning it sideways, upside down and back again with you to create things that neither of us would have thought of otherwise. I absolutely love the creative process of taking ideas, stretching them and delighting in what can be made from them. With 24×7 access to a powerful laser cutter and home studio, designs can be rapidly prototyped and brought to their final form.

I am making a pivot in my career and am looking for opportunities to work in film, television and stage in Production Design.

Here are some samples of things I’ve worked on thus far:

AFTRS Props and Scenic Art Intensive

Design and fabrication of standard 8′ x 4′ theatre flat from start to finish. Including techniques for simulated wood, metal and stonework; staging and lighting; props and accessorising.

Viking Mama, Judith Wright Centre

All costuming and sets; additional scenery for public photography in the foyer; event merchandise (magnets, art prints);

Fully Made Up – An Improvised Cabaret

Costuming and accessories for Jenny Wynter and musicians; custom designed props and signage;

You: A Cabaret! (2017)

Costuming and accessories for Jenny Wynter; custom designed and constructed set pieces and signage;

Tim Ferguson: Tim’s Awt (2019)

Earring and accessory collection for Tim Ferguson; designs interpreted and adapted from original art pieces by Tim Ferguson into acrylic and Australian hardwood combinations;

Women in Voice

Costuming and accessories for Jenny Wynter, MC for the event; additional props for Alison St Ledger; custom costuming accessories for full cast – Jenny Wynter, Alison St Ledger, Queenie Van De Zandt, Georgie Nielsen, Barb Fordham, Pauline Maudy; event merchandise (magnets, brooches, earrings);

Sandman and Flacco

Sandman and Flacco are touring in 2019-20: designs for engraved merchandise including wine glasses and cheese boards. The design is quirky, distinctive, surreal, and slightly incongruous – a perfect match for the client’s persona.

“Romance on the Menu” Feature Film

Earrings, accessories and set decor pieces;

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